Rolex Submariner 5513




Reference :   5513
Serial number :   322****
Year of production :   1972/3
Description :   Rolex Submariner 5513 in astonishing condition. The case is perfect, razor and crisp lugs, fat. The dial is correct for the serial number, ivory patina on the tritium plots with matching hands. Stunning fat font bezel, day by day harder to find. Perfect plexi, a Rolex T19 super dome, fabulous. Last but not least a stunning folded Rolex oyster bracelet 9315, no date on the clasp, correct for the serial number. 5513 day by day harder to find in this condition and like this all correct…
Mechanics :   Rolex caliber 1520, self winding
Accessories :   None. Lo Time one year warranty for good working and Life warranty on originality.


The watch is running at COSC spec.


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