Lo Time  company

Founded in the summer 2016,  Lo Time research, select and sell the most important brand of the watch industry from Vicenza (Italy) with a first focus on Rolex and Vintage Rolex. Through our knowledge and our presence in the international watch fairs we can find every kind of wristwatch, Modern or Vintage. Our clients, from new enthusiast to expert collector, will be always sure and safe about  Lo Time  quality. Always we keep on studying the Vintage/Modern Rolex model to find and sell only the finest watches. We don't sell what we first (enthusiast and collector before dealer) could not buy.
This is  Lo Time ... We sell history.

Who I am

It' easy to explain why i decided to found this company, i've always been a watch enthusiast. I became aware of this passion with my first real watch, a fantastic green Hamilton Khaki (i wanted this for his II world war background and it was a gift for my 18), obviously mechanical. Since that moment i loved watches with more than a fashion trend...So i start studying watch world. It was a mine purchase that opened the doors on Rolex collector world, was for a Submariner 16610LV and i must study all the different type of dial (8-9, so much for a sapphire Rolex) to do a safe purchase. It's useless to say that when i discover Vintage Rolex "jungle" was astonishing, my passion grew day by day and still growing nowadays. I love extricate myself between dial and bezels, bracelets and clasp, calibers and hands, and when all matching is for me like bring to light an old treasure. Maybe is true... At that moment i said to myself it was time to bring to light my  Lo Time , i was ready and here i am. When i bought my first Vintage watch, a 1971  Rolex GMT-master 1675 LongE (down picture), i start thinking about it's life, a long life ended after decades on my wrist. How many objects can live like this and meanwhile increase in value? Everybody can have his own answer, you have mine.
I know, love and sell high collectible watches from 2016.
Dr.  Luigi Loiero
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